Cacao Ecstatic Dance & Sound Healing
June 24 (Monday) at 8:15 pm

Class Full - Waitlist Available

Class length
1 hour 30 minutes
Jasper Wellness Studio
Experience the magic of Sacred Organic Ceremonial Grade Cacao from Bali (raw chocolate), Ecstatic Dance and Sound Healing on this special evening of heart opening. The powerful plant medicine cacao has been used in ceremonies for 1000's of years mainly in Central & South America. In Mayan tradition Cacao translated as "heart blood". Cacao is a heart opener - as the theme of the ceremony will be on self-love, deepening connection to others and manifesting our deepest desires. We will begin by honoring the cacao and its background, following a guided heart meditation. The sacred cacao will give us energy for the free flow Ecstatic Dance, to then end the journey with blissful Sound Healing. 

About the Facilitators:

Amber is known for having an exuberant amount of full power energy with a soft-meditative voice/presence. She has mastered the Yin and Yang balance bringing this forth in her ceremonies. Amber wants to share the gifts of Cacao Medicine, the art and flow of freedom movement through Dance and powerful vibrations of Sounding. She shares these passions, as well as teaches Yoga around Western Canada, Australia and across Asia. It is her mission to heart connect with others and self, create oneness and make participants feel safe, through a life changing, profound journey.

Georgette explores through ceremony as a way of remembering who she is. A way of journeying into union. After travelling in Southern India she is excited to bring these offerings to Jasper. 
She envisioned sharing their passion for Cacao, Ecstatic Dance and Sound as a medium to open the Heart Chakra and explore the creative realms of ones soul. 

All is welcome!


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